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DIY Days for 2024

I've always wanted to have classes to teach others and learn together, DIY options for household, and personal uses.

Many things needed to do simple things, make simple meals, and make fun projects can be found in your home, kitchen our purchased for low cost.

Regularly used ingredients, tools, and other items found in our cabinets, closets and garage can have multiple uses.

So let's start a project or activity together .

⁵Stay tuned for more info and in the meantime send me your ideas of projects you'd like to try.

What DIY project or activity would you like to do?

  • 0%make earrings?

  • 0%home/wall decor

  • 0%play games 🤣

  • 0%girls night/ chopping it up

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1 Comment

Adrienne Chappell
Adrienne Chappell
Dec 07, 2023

I'd like to do hair

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