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Holiday Season 2023

Preparation for this holiday season has begun. This will be a busy time for Chalises and we are very excited!

There are so many popup events to plan for and our calender is full with 13 events from now till December. On top of that we must incorporate plans for increased traffic through our brick and mortar storefront location.

As exciting as the possibilities are for this season, we have a huge dilemma. Staffing. We need to find helpers to make it all work. We're always seeking out for parttime workers, students to help out., even just holiday help. Yes, this is me asking you, do you know someone? :)

Jason and I have primarily been on the road doing the popup events. But there has been instability of added hands and help to do the daily work that's necessary for smooth operations. We still struggle with getting and keeping good help on a regular basis. We stay busy working, creating and attending events. So, if you know someone, send us an email.

We love doing this work; creating products and providing our services to all of our customers, friends and supporters. We thank you for the 10 years and look forward to seeing you at one of our popup events, or online.


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