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Beard Gel Hemp Wash & Night-time Treatment

Cleanse, maintain, skin hydration and beard growth. All are benefits of our Icy Vanilla scented Beard Gel Hemp Wash. You’ll wanna try this!

Key Ingredients

✓Aloe Vera

✓ Sea Moss

✓ Black Soap

✓ Moringa Oil

✓ Black Seed Oil

✓ Hempseed Oil

Key Benefits

✓ Keeps your beard clean and well-groomed: Beard Shampoo is an important part of any grooming routine and can help you achieve the perfect beard. It cleanses your beard and skin deeply, getting rid of dirt, debris, and excess oils.


Prep your beard during the night for the best daytime resultswith our Nighttime Beard Jelly Treatment.

A blend of aloe Vera glycerin glycerine sunflower oil shea butter avocado oil Castor oil vitamin E for the best nourishing effect.

✓ Gentle on skin: This Beard Shampoo is gentle and won't strip away the natural oils your beard needs to stay healthy and looking its best. It is sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free.

Beard Gel Hemp Wash and Night-time Treatment

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